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If you are looking at any of the walls in your home and considering a change before you grab a paintbrush or reach for the wallpaper paste ask yourself – are you sure you can do this?

If your answer is no chance or just maybe then our Decorating & Painting Tips below will help you.

  1. Create some space, move any furniture to the middle of the room, remove any wall fittings, paintings and shelves, cover with dust covers, tarpaulins and tape into place.
  2. On prep day, remove any Hardware, Knobs, Locks and Hinges to make painting around easier and then place in separate sealed & labelled bags. Rubber gloves and some eye protection will be needed for a good clean, using a liquid cleaner to remove any stains or grease & grime.
  3. Make sure you have appropriate clothing, footwear and don’t forget the hat (a must for ceilings).
  4. Gather the tools you will require. Cracks and patches need to be filled and smoothed along with any sealing that is required.
  5. Apply masking tape to any areas that are required and do not remove the tape until the paint has dried (24 Hours). Use a sharp knife to loosen and pull gently at a sharp angle.
  6. Start painting the edges around doors & windows and skirtings first.

What we stock

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Paintbrushes of all shapes and sizes are in stock to suit most budgets along with other decorating items like Sugar Soap, Methylated Spirits, White Spirit, Paint Stripper, Scrapers, Rollers and Trays, Sandpaper, Wet & Dry, Good Home, Ronseal and Hammerite are just some of the brands we carry.

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