Here at Waites, we are preparing to give you the best gardening season so far We have removed 20 ton of earth enabling us to level the ground and house more shelving for the plants which are beginning to arrive from Local Growers, Lincolnshire and as far away as Holland.

We are stocking a large range of compost and fertilizer’s which are already in stock (all at keen prices) so you can start preparing the ground During the Spring along with flowers and plants, we will be including Garden Flowers-Perennials Ferns- Conifers- Buxes – Shrubs -Fruit Trees – Rockery Plants – Herb Plants-Roses to help you organize and secure your garden.

We also stock a range of Archways trellis, fencing, Fenceposts, and fittings even the Post Concrete Mix, Willow and brushwood screening in various sizes (delivery can be organised, please ask for details).

To enhance the appearance of your Garden we have a large range of Garden ornaments including Bird Baths and Water Features also Garden Pots all shapes, sizes and colours are available. If you need any Garden Tools we have several Ranges to choose from our Green Gem (budget range ) to Wilkinson Sword Top Quality Spades-Forks-Hoe-Lawn Edging Tools-Shears-Loppers-Secateurs. Browse our Garden products and you will see a selection. Remember you can Click & Collect from this website.

Top Tips for April/May

  1. This is a good time to tackle the Weeds and we have a large selection of Weedkillers available try the Resolva Range.
  2. Bare Patches and weeds in the lawn can be treated using Gro-Sure Safe Lawn or Gro sure Lawn Seed.
  3. It’s time to feed your Shrubs & Roses Gro-Sure 6month feed for Rose & Shrubs is in stock.
  4. Help the Bee’s this year  April is the month to plant Wild Flowers various seeds in stock.
  5. Those Clumping roots of your Hosta’s can now be divided and replanted.
  6. Keep an eye on your Fruit Blooms as Frost is still about.
  7. Indoor houseplants will be ready for water

Top Tips for June/July

1TOMATOES Keep an eye on your Tomatoes, take out the Side shoots that are found between the Mainstem and leaf ,Remove any shoots that compete with the main stem known as bull-shoots.


you should be able to harvest salads inc lettuce, radish and early potatoes.


Check the baskets daily ,avoid watering the leaves and flowers and try to keep the compost moist (not soggy) as drying out is more likely this time of the year.Add a liquid fertiliser between spring and September.

DeadHead frequently to avoid the production of seed and encourage more flowers.


Ideal time to clean the patios and paths ,clear the algae from walls, arches,and even the railings (Hammerite in stock )

We have algae killers in stock along with stiff-bristle brushes and pressure washers.

Timber Structures can now be stained or Preservative applied.

Make sure you do these procedures in a well ventilated area.


Staking plants in borders is done for various reasons:

Plants can be easily damaged by strong winds.

Clumps of some perennials often split and flop to the ground in bad weather or under the weight of their buds and flowers.

Shorter perennials may hang over the edges of the border damaging the lawn and will require staking


Depending on the type of shrub requirements will vary, but all early-flowering shrubs need regular removal of damaged, diseased or dead wood

Cut out any damaged or dead shoots back to their point of origin or to ground level Where there are many stems remove and thin out some to ground level to keep the bush open and avoid congestion.

Keep an eye on this page for the latest pictures as the stock changes all the time.